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Edukacja Medical
Desenvolvedor: American Medical Student Association

AMSA DrPath is an application designed to provide insight into the pathways available to become a practicing physician in the United States. This application provides the user with a progressive list in chronological order of important milestones and resources that can support students from high school through medical school.

There are many paths to becoming a professional, and your way may be very non-traditional. This app is designed to allow you to prepare for common opportunities and challenges that are important in determining what options will be available to you in the future. Understanding the implications of your choice of medical school and residency are critical in understanding what that will mean to you when you are a practicing physician. Other choices and challenges matter equally.

In addition to the key pivot points in your path to medicine, there are many other aspects of medical education that are hidden, not talked about, or shunned. This app will bring these issues: study habits, sexism, racism, and more to your attention so that you can be prepared to face issues that are not discussed among advisors, faculty or professionals openly.

AMSA seeks to support all medical students, and does so best when you join with us to form a common cause for the advancement of medical education from the perspective of making the students life better. This app will explore, educate and support you in your journey to the practice of medicine.